• What Kana-Style are you?

    You are Fairy-Kana Style! You love everything, that
    is glittering, and you adore finding things
    out, other people might miss in their hectic
    You often like being alone and watching others, but
    you could not live without your friends.

    What Kana-Style are you?
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  • Commentaires

    Samedi 15 Janvier 2005 à 11:43
    Kana chan
    Moi aussi je suis la " Flairy Kana style " !!! ^__^ en + c'est la vériter !!!!
    Vendredi 18 Février 2005 à 10:56
    You are Heart-Ribbon-Kana Style! This is hardly o define. You are everything in one person, but all at the same time. You can be evil, can be cute, you can be funny and pervert by saying something, that seems normal to you. The only thing is: You can't control, what part you play NOW....
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